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Introduction arrow Fast Worklist
Download Demo

New Version available! Now supports Win7 and Win8.1 - Must run Fast Worklist as Administrator - March 2014

To download Fast Worklist demo software (3.2 MB) click here: Fast_Worklist_setup.exe - INSTALL AS ADMINISTRATOR (IMPORTANT)


After you have downloaded, installed and registered it, Fast Worklist will start responding to DICOM queries (single modality).

To use Fast Worklist for a 30 days trial period single modality, follow these steps :

      • Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet

      • Run Fast Worklist as ADMINISTRATOR - IMPORTANT

      • Choose the Options / License menu item

      • Complete all fields in the form and use the following reseller code: A689-E605-D54C-A06D-6F3E

      • Click the Register button

After you register you will receive an email with you trial key and instructions.  



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