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1. What's the difference between Fast Worklist Demo and the Licensed Version?

In FastWorklist Demo you will be able to try the user interface and the workflow. The DICOM communications will be disabled. Once you license your copy, your Database will become available for DICOM queries.


2. I have configured the IP and port on the Modality, my copy is licensed and it doesn't work, why?

If you have checked the IP address and port on both the Modality and Fast Worklist (you do this directly within Fast Worklist on the Configuration/Options menu where it shows the port and the IP address) and that the Local Area Network is functional you probably have a Firewall that is blocking Fast Worklist's communication with the DICOM. You have to allow Fast Worklist.exe, FWLServer.exe and FWLService.exe on your firewall's configuration.


3. I want to query Fast Worklist from my modality through the Internet, can I?

Yes you can use Fast Worklist through the Internet: you need to configure Fast Worklist, your router and firewall to open the selected TCP port (usually port 104) and rout the port's traffic to the Fast Worklist IP number and on the modality side you need to get the Internet IP (not the IP shown on the configuration panel but the IP given by your ISP) as the IP to be used.


4. How can I use Fast Worklist in my Office?

Fast Worklist was designed to be used by the Doctor's Office and by the small clinic. It saves data entry time at the modality and reduces errors. It works very well with Ultrasound and Mamo.


5. I have liked the demo and I have started to enter my patients and studies how do I use them?

After you license your software through our resellers, if you didn't find one send an email to info@mediplussoftware that we will locate one for you, your database will became available for modality's query.


6. I Don't have PACS, can I use Fast Worklist?

Yes, Fast Worklist was designed exactly for that, you can take advantage of the automated data entry process of the worklist server without needing to buy an expensive PACS to get that.


7. My modality uses a different port, how do I change to TCP port 3104?

You can change to any port, just click on Configuration/Options and change from 104 to the desired port, click OK and the server will communicate through that port but be careful to match the port configured on the modality and change the firewall/router if necessary.


8. How do I know if I am in Demo mode or Licensed mode?
To check your status you should click on Help/About and on the about screen if you see Demo on the upper left conner you are running in Demo mode.

that port but be careful to match the port configured on the modality and change the firewall/router if necessary.


9. Can I import studies/patients from my RIS/HIS into Fast Worklist?
Yes, Fast Worklist is capable of scanning any folder, local or networked for CSV/text files with Patient and Study information.


10. I am trying to connect Fast Worklist to a Siemens MRI. I made the correct association, configured the port 104 and it is returning an empty list, why?

We have faced many installations! What happens is that In Syngo in the "Registration Configuration"/"HIS/RIS" pannel the option "Modality of type MR"  is not checked! This has to be checked in order to work with Fast Worklist.




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